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We here at Indy Investments specialize in the realm of unlisted and off-market real estate investment opportunities. We work in many facets of the investing world, including helping investors locate their off-market purchases, flipping residential properties, and making personal rental acquisitions. We've had a consistent and proven track record since our inception, and we keep growing as we help uncover the hidden gems within Indianapolis. We look forward to continued success with the investors we've worked with in the past and many future successes as we continue to develop partnerships and meet your needs.


 Tell us what you're looking for and let us help find your next deal!

And if you want some off-topic, light reading from Bob, check out some through provoking topics at his personal website.

Note: All the opportunities we have available are either directly owned or under contract for purchase, and then are conferred by assignment of contract. Our company does not list properties nor represent sellers as agents. 

Who We Are

Bob Hinrichs

Operations Manager

License: RB16001625

Alain Perez-Majul

Acquisitions Manager

License: RB15000293

Jan Umali

Acquisitions Support


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